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Cuter Than Cute: Clever Winnie the Pooh Lids

July 16, 2014 // 9:28 am

Design studio Nendo likes to have fun when it comes to creating clever kitchen goods, like their tricky Starbucks mugs and double helix chopsticks. Most recently, the company teamed up with Walt Disney Japan to design a glassware collection around Winnie the Pooh, and it’s cuter than…

9 Genius Ways to Repel Ants Using Common Ingredients in Your Kitchen

June 19, 2014 // 6:45 am

Summer arrived sooner than we expected and while we’re all out there kidding ourselves about getting beach bodies, those curious little critters known as ants have planned their summertime assault. Specifically, they’re targeting our kitchens.

While it’s probably the easy way out, I’d have to say most people wouldn’t…

$1000 Glass Toaster Will Toast Shrimp and Steak to the Perfect Temperature

May 9, 2014 // 7:45 am

Toasters just making toast is a thing of the past.  At the EuroCucina 2014 tradeshow in Milan, kitchenware brand Bugatti demonstrated the elite “Bugatti Noun” transparent toaster that claims to cook anything from shrimp to steak. Oh, and regular toast too.

The toaster is made from glass and chrome,…

Taco Tuesday Essential: Taco Truck Taco Holders

April 29, 2014 // 7:45 am

Alright. So you’ve loaded up your precious taco shell with all the shredded cheese, ground beef, guac, sour cream and whathaveyou you could fit. (That’s what she said.) However, there’s a bottle of Corona with your name on it and attempting to double fist both could lead to

Egg Minder Keeps Track of How Many Eggs You Have Left in Your Fridge

March 16, 2014 // 1:42 pm

Do you ever go to the market and find yourself standing in front of the egg display for a good five minutes while you try to remember whether or not you needed eggs? Well then the Egg Minder might be for you.

The Egg Minder is a smart egg…

This Fast Food Kitchen is Made Entirely Out of Wood

February 10, 2014 // 10:45 am

Fast food joints have many recognizable features, like deep fryers and soft drink dispensers. Chances are most customers don’t think of this as a beautiful scene, but artist Roxy Paine has transformed it into one. In fact, she’s given us an intimate view of a fast food kitchen through…

Here’s an Unbelievably Easy Way to Make Ice Spheres

February 7, 2014 // 1:30 pm

Finally, a fool-proof way to make giant ice balls, pause, in your freezer. Dreamed up by SuckUK (oh, come on, that’s just not fair), the silicone Frozen Pea mold features a simple design that captures water in sphere-shaped pods. Water is poured into an open seam along one side…

Save Counter Space With This All-in-One Kitchen Tool Set

January 25, 2014 // 4:03 pm

At first glance you might wonder, “why the hell is this wine bottle so colorful and where’s all the wine?!”. Sorry kids no alcohol here, this nifty little bottle of fun is actually nine different kitchen tools. Tucked into the space saving size of a single wine bottle, this…

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