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Meet the Pharrell Burger in Shibuya Japan

August 8, 2014 // 12:00 pm

Lil Skateboard P isn’t just a musician, as he has ventured into fashion, jewelry, and even chair-making. Now Pharrell can add “chef” to the list thanks to his latest collaboration with Nigo’s 2-5 Cafe in Japan. Fellas, meet the “Pharrell Burger.”

The contents of this fancy looking…

Adorable Unagi Pastries Are 100% Eel Free

August 7, 2014 // 11:56 am

According to Japanese tradition, Doyo no Hi (July 29) is a day dedicated to eating eel because of its supposed stamina-boosting powers. But not everyone is a fan of real unagi, so various bakeries and 7-Eleven stores around Japan have come up with a delicious alternative — unagi pastries.…

There Are Reptile Cafes in Japan and Handwashing is Strongly Encouraged

July 31, 2014 // 9:47 am

Most people lose their appetites when they hear that a snake or salamander is crawling around near them. Not Japan, though. While it seems taboo in most places around the world, the country is the home to more than one Reptile Cafe. One in particular is the Yokohama Subtropic…

Check Out Japan’s Swanky New Final Fantasy-Themed Cafe

July 30, 2014 // 2:51 pm

Call me a lame escapist nerd face, but if I could, I would absolutely live in a video game. (A western style fantasy one, with sword fights, and the ever-looming threat of permanent deletion.) Unfortunately that technology won’t exist for at least another eight years, but at least I…

McDonald’s Japan Busts Out Tofu Nuggets Following Expired Meat Scandal

July 29, 2014 // 2:11 pm

McDonald’s Corp. found itself in quite a bind after an investigation revealed that chicken nugget supplier OSI Group LLC. had been mixing expired meat with newer supplies. As a result of the scandal, McDonald’s pulled all chicken and other items from menus at several locations throughout China and Japan.…

Pikachu-Themed Pokemon Cafe Opens in Japan, Explodes with Cuteness

July 23, 2014 // 11:57 am

Really surprised no one thought of this sooner. Turns out Japan is the home of the brand-new Pokemon restaurant called the Pikachu Cafe. Located in downtown Tokyo, the Pokemon-inspired eatery recently opened, driving fans of the 20-year-old franchise through the doors.

The Pikachu Cafe is decked out with tons…

Small Japanese Town Creates Gigantic Works of Art in Rice Paddies

July 17, 2014 // 4:33 pm

I absolutely love it when a community pulls together to create art. Take this small town of Inakadate in the Aomori Prefecture, for example. The tiny population of only 8,000 residents is primarily agriculture-based, filled with fields and rice paddies. Each summer, the town bands together and puts those…

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