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Artist Transforms Coffee Cups into Whimsical Objects and Scenarios

April 18, 2014 // 10:40 am

Before you throw that used coffee cup away, take some inspiration from Australian designer and architect, Paul Garbett. He turns seemingly useless paper cups into beautiful and adorable works of art.

Called “Cuppaday,” Garbett’s project is clearly only limited by his imagination. Often with the help of…

April Fools? Burger King Motel is the Place to Go to Cheat On Your Big Mac

March 31, 2014 // 3:40 pm

Every kid at some point dreams of living in a fast food restaurant. Who wouldn’t want burgers and fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner? While it’s probably a cheeky April Fools joke, it looks like that dream got a little closer to becoming a reality for some folks in…

Yelp Gets New Food Porn-Friendly Interface

February 18, 2014 // 8:26 am

Looking to create a more community appreciative environment, Yelp revealed that their new interface will become more photo-centric. Using popular pictures taken by Yelp users, the new design highlights six large thumbnails of photos taken at the location at the very top of each business’ page.

Now replacing the…

3-in-1 Stackable Condiment Holder Saves Space on the Dinner Table

February 11, 2014 // 10:57 am

Condiment containers aren’t usually the most efficient thing on your table, and they tend to take up unnecessary room. However, designer Shahar Peleg created an answer to the clutter with ‘Stackable Seasonings’.

This unique table set basically takes the basic condiments — olive oil, salt and pepper —…

How IHOP’s New Menu Design Persuades You to Order More Food

January 23, 2014 // 4:03 pm

After receiving customer complaints on how their previous menu had “too many choices and too much text,” IHOP completely redesigned the menu’s look. The revamped spread resulted in a 3.6 percent increase in store sales, according to Bloomberg, and throws out the daunting wall of text for a more…

Elegant Hexagonal Egg Package Might Make You Give Up Cartons

January 9, 2014 // 5:05 pm

When asked to design cheap and functional packaging to store eggs safely, Portuguese design student Gil Rodrigues took it one step further. He made something as beautiful as it is practical.

His creation is a hexagonal package for storing eggs that unrolls into a straight line of six individual…

100% Plantable Wrapping Paper is Embedded with Actual Seeds

November 27, 2013 // 5:00 am

Bringing an innovative, clever take to holiday gift wrapping, a new Kickstarter project just made it a lot more badass. Behold: 100% Plantable Wrapping Paper.

This material functions just like traditional wrapping paper, but features vegetable seeds embedded within the wrapping. Even better, the paper comes in chili, tomato, broccoli,…

Canned Wine is the New Boxed Wine

November 15, 2013 // 10:38 am

Break out the beer koozies and classy pants, because you can now drink your fancy wine out of a can, thanks to Oregon-based Union Wine Company.

While the company actually saves money on packaging and uses less materials, the decision was made with the intention of…