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So Apparently You Can Get a Ph.D in Chocolate Studies

August 21, 2014 // 3:20 pm

If you’ve ever wished for a way to combine your knowledge of chemical engineering and sweets, you’re in luck. In an effort to improve chocolate storage in warm climates, Cambridge University is currently offering a three and a half year Ph.D program for EU nationals to study, yep, chocolate.…

Watch as a Blade Gradually Reveals Geometric Patterns Hiding in this Chocolate Cylinder

August 21, 2014 // 10:50 am

Studio Wieki Somers and chocolatier Rafael Mutter have engineered a gigantic cylindrical block of chocolate that contains beautiful geometric layers with unique patterns.

Called ‘The Chocolate Mill,’ this artistic endeavor was undertaken as a retrospective of Gerrit Rietveld, a Dutch designer and architect.┬áThe Chocolate Mill is made up of…

Finally. An All-Chocolate Bathroom Where You’ll Want To Eat The Brown Stuff

August 20, 2014 // 10:50 am

In today’s edition of, ahem, shit nobody asked for, Bathrooms.com has partnered with U.K. chocolate designers Choccywoccydoodah to create an impressive bathroom set including toilet, tub, basin, and bidet that’s made of more than $133,000 worth of Belgian chocolate.

The idea, reports NY Daily News, came from…

Edible Chocolate Lego Bricks Designed by Akihiro Mizuuchi

August 18, 2014 // 10:56 pm

Japanese designer Akihiro Mizuuchi was able to make the ultimate childhood toy — LEGO — even better by turning them into chocolate. Oh, yes.

Sure there have already been measly attempts at creating edible Lego, like those hard candy versions you can find at the corner store. But Mizuuchi’s…

Twix Ice Cream Bars

August 16, 2014 // 10:55 am

Recipe: Creme De La Crumb

This Nifty Tool Helps You Create DIY Caramel and Nutella-Stuffed Bananas

August 12, 2014 // 10:00 am

Eating bananas with dessert spread can be a messy business. You can’t exactly stick your bare banana in a tub of peanut butter, but spreading nutella from knife to fruit can be a hassle, too. Thankfully there are much smarter people than us in the world, and one of…

The Ultimate Birthday Present – a $900 cupcake?

August 11, 2014 // 10:00 am

Earlier this year we wrote about a sundae that costs $1000. Now the bakery gods have gone berserk again, this time with a $900 cupcake.

The owner of Toronto’s Le Dolci bakery, Lisa Sanguedolce, was approached by a client who wanted an extravagant cupcake created for his…

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