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Student Arrested for Buying Sparkling Water Mistaken for Beer, Receives $212,500 Compensation

August 1, 2014 // 11:12 am

Last year, college student Elizabeth Daly was arrested by ABC agents after leaving a Virginia supermarket. Daly, who was under the age of 21 at the time, was believed to be purchasing a carton of beer with her friend. Turns out the carton Daly’s friend was holding on her…

Chocolate Tequila Sauce Will Get You Dessert Drunk

July 29, 2014 // 11:36 am

Thanks to the genius minds over at Dude, Sweet Chocolate, it’s now possible to get tipsy off chocolate sauce. Ohh baby.

One Night Stand Potion is a sweet mixture of 100 Anos Reposado tequilla, Valrohna cocoa powder, South American chocolate and agave. It’s like a dangerously delicious…

What All Your Favorite Websites Look Like When You’re Drunk

July 24, 2014 // 12:55 pm

You probably know the feeling. You’re online, you’re a little tipsy, and for some reason, it’s taking all your effort just to read the title of the hilarious dog video your buddy sent you. You’re fine, you insist. You just, you know, have to concentrate a little harder than…

Watch as Comedian Hilariously Finds Loophole to Let Minors Buy Alcohol

July 23, 2014 // 3:04 pm

Comedian Nathan Fielder definitely likes to shake things up. Many of you may remember a stunt a few months back where he set up his own coffeehouse and named it Dumb Starbucks. Now he’s at it again with a “loophole” that allows minors to purchase alcohol. He…

INTOXICATE! This Sonic Screwdriver Bottle Opener is Perfect for the Boozy Time Lord in Your Life

July 19, 2014 // 2:00 pm

In the words of a drunk Dalek: INTOXICATE! The perfect prop for your Comic Con cosplay this year, this Sonic Screwdriver is a pretty impressive replica of the Doctor’s handy-dandy tool. Bonus, it’s practical! Just pop off the bottom to find a bottle opener. Sadly it doesn’t make the…

NEW BRUNCH IDEA: Sparkling Tomato Booze

July 18, 2014 // 11:30 am

Mmmmm summer. Time for tomatoes, sunshine, and plenty of fizzy cold drinks. But, um, why not mix all three into one epic summer adventure? If you’re a fan of tomatoes, or tomato juice, we might have just the thing. There’s a new drink in Japan…

This Cooler Comes with a Built-In Blender and a Bluetooth Stereo

July 17, 2014 // 11:55 am

There’s a million coolers in the world that pretty much do what they need to so your drinks stay cool. Then there’s the Coolest Cooler, which is probably one of, if not the most, lavish cooler designs in the history of mankind. That’s probably why it’s winning the internet…

How Much Beer Will Cost You Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC]

July 11, 2014 // 2:15 am

Shelling out a few bucks for a beer is pretty standard here in the US. But do you know how American prices compare to a beer in say, Iran?

According to this infographic by Finance Online, the cheapest domestic beers in the world can be found in…

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