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This is How Every Continent Serves Corn on the Cob

March 24, 2014 // 10:52 am

A versatile and hardy plant, corn can be found on every continent except Antarctica (hmph). The golden kernels offer endless possibilities, from a simple grilled treat doused in lemon and pepper to cheesecake popcorn.

This time around, this tasty graphic decided to take things through the lens of…

The Wonderbag May Soon Replace Your Beloved Slow Cooker

January 4, 2014 // 11:31 am

Crock Pots may soon have some competition in the slow cooking game thanks to Wonderbag. The cleverly named invention is indeed a wonder as its insulated design allows food to safely continue cooking without the need for additional energy. The process is extremely easy and also helps alleviate that…

Pic of the Day: SHITTO Pepper Sauce

August 16, 2009 // 10:31 am

Apparently this is a favorite sauce in Ghana, Africa. The word Shito is the word for pepper in Ghanaian native languages, this particular spicy pepper sauce seems to be a staple in their cuisine. While the sauce’s blend of spices and fish differs…