While 3D printers have so far cranked out everything from edible Oreos to beautiful sugar candies, a recent creation might put everything else to shame – a KFC drumstick.

LifeHacker Japan recently visited the 3D printing firm iJet to have one item of their choice reproduced, and they chose the delicious KFC Colonel’s Original Recipe chicken staple. Genius. The reporters even brought in an actual drumstick to aid in the printing process. http://en.rocketnews24.com/2014/03/13/3d-kfc-using-a-3d-printer-to-copy-fried-chicken-for-fun-and-fashion/

After the iJet technicians scanned the chicken, it was converted into a digital 3D model that came out very close to the real deal. These printers aren’t yet perfected, so every single nook and cranny wasn't replicated, but the result was still impressive. The printed chicken even came out with a shiny glaze to duplicate the greasy exterior of the original.


Unfortunately, the world has yet to recreate a bona fide edible drumstick. Still, this colored gypsum version is pretty lifelike and has potential for real-world use, as many Japanese restaurants use plastic foods to display their menu options.

H/T RocketNews24 + Picthx Lifehacker Japan

Cameron Simcik

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