Shirtless Male Baristas Will Serve You at this Coffee Shop


If you’re looking for a cup of hot coffee served to you by shredded shirtless male baristas, then you might want to check out Hot Cup of Joe. The coffee shop in Spokane, Washington, features an all-male staff of baristas who make coffee to order without shirts on.

The idea was a response to the recent openings of bikini coffeehouses that have been making the news. Hot Cup of Joe felt that the female population needed their own place to enjoy their coffee just as much. They even offer their male patrons a $1 discount whenever they place an order.

“This is something the women have been crying out for for a while,” Chris Mullins, 28, Hot Cup Of Joe’s owner, told The Spokesman-Review. However, Mullins continued to say, “We’re not going to be wearing thongs.”

Sorry, ladies.

Picthx Hot Cup of Joe

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  • XD

    I was interested until I scrolled down far enough to see underwear.

    …then I start thinking about the sight of underwear in a place I would buy coffee…then the potential ick factor hits me. >_<

    • Linda Lovelush

      Yeah, the underwear thing needs to be corrected ASAP, LOL

      Otherwise, yum. Shirtless males are nice things to have. As long as they have hot bods, that is.

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