Walk-Around Beer Solves (Most Of) Our Grocery Store Shopping Woes


As luxe as grocery stores have gotten as of late, what with their built-in Starbucks and trendy wooden signage, shopping in them can still be a huge pain in the ass. For when free samples or the promise of a deliciously home-microwaved meal just won’t cut it, though, now you can also pick up a can of “walkin’ around beer.”

Redditor Beeslo spotted this amenity last week at a Whole Foods in Austin. Of course, many Whole Foods locations come equipped with full liquor licenses, bars, and even wine and cheese pairing classes, so ready-to-drink beer cans aren’t incredibly mind-blowing. They are, however, possibly the easiest, most fill-free way to get you through those frigid frozen food aisles.


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  • Jason Scharf

    The Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, MI has the full bar setup in the cheese section. A good ol’ walkin’ around beer makes shopping so much easier.

  • TwistyJ

    Did they go the extra mile and attach cup holders to the shopping carts? That’s my million-dollar-idea of the week. You’re welcome.

  • Maggiemay

    how much of an alcoholic do you have to be to drink while grocery shopping?