A ‘Handy’ Guide to Portion Control, Using Your Actual Hand


You’ve heard the general rules, meat portions should be matchbox sized, etc. However, sometimes it can be difficult to remember what a matchbox actually looks like, particularly when you’re staring down a basket full of buffalo wings. The next time you’re in need of a little resolve, look no further than the back of your hand (or the front or heck, even just your fingers).

This handy infographic from Guard Your Health offers a quick reminder that your butter pat should be no larger than the size of your fingertip, that your protein should be roughly the size of your palm, and that your carbs should only fit the size of your clenched fist.

Check out the full infographic below for a few more tips, or just some lovely hand porn (you know, if you’re into that).


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  • Talia

    Obviously they have no clue that people have hands of wildly differing sizes.

    • Serena Franchini

      smaller hand usually means a smaller body and usually a smaller person needs to eat less. the sizes as said above are approximate!

      • David

        The internet is now and forever, angry at everyone.

  • Cheryl Barton

    I am 5 foot 3, 120 lbs and I have large hands. if I went by my hand I would be eating a lot of food.

    • Ian Osmond

      But less than if you didn’t have any guideline at all.

  • Anonymous

    food Nazis would be hilarious if they didn’t try to legislate their agenda on the rest of us.

    • Anonymous

      Because you are being forced to do this? It’s just some helpful tips for those who are interested. Chill.

  • CB32863

    Nothing new here, these recommendations have been around for many years…..

    • Ian Osmond

      Certainly. But it’s nice to have them all in one picture. It’s an attractive presentation of the information.

  • Jeff Baker

    You all missed the operative words… “GUIDE” and “GENERAL RULE”.
    They are in the title and the first sentence.

    If your hands are larger than average, work out the difference.
    If you have smaller than average hands, work out the difference.
    If you have average hands, you’re all set.