Here’s What 3-D Printed Pizza Dough and Tomato Sauce Look Like


Barcelona-based start-up Natural Machines is looking to take 3-D food printing to the next level. While the company’s product, Foodini, is still in development, it’s able to print more than palatable-looking pizza dough and tomato sauce.

Although the the initial idea behind Foodini was to create a 3-D printer that could produce chocolates and other candies, the team’s scope expanded as they moved forward. “I couldn’t justify pushing a machine that only did sweets with the obesity epidemic that’s going on,” Co-founder Lynetta Kucsma told Daily Dot. “It had to also be able to produce, natural healthy food.”

The machine contains five separate capsules filled with various food items which vary according to the recipe. At the moment, the Foodini retails for about $1,300 and will be available for purchase by the middle of next year.  In addition to targeting the home market, Natural Machines plans to appeal to restaurants as well.

Along with pizza, the start-up has already been able to make dinosaur-shaped spinach quiche, fish-shaped crackers and chocolate structures. Check out the spread below:

H/T The Daily Dot

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