This Restaurant Will Exchange Your Shitty Xmas Gifts for a $25 Gift Card

White Elephant

We’ve all been screwed over in a White Elephant gift exchange at some point in our lives. The idea of stealing or exchanging your gift for something else definitely screams the spirit of Christmas. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or something like that.

In the spirit of awful gifts, Houlihan’s Restaurant is offering customers another chance to possibly get something better from their White Elephant exchange. Customers  can submit their shitty White Elephant gifts ($10 retail or less) and will receive yet another one that’s either better or worse than before. To sweeten the deal, the restaurant chain is also giving all participants a $25 gift card towards the restaurant for taking part in the contest.

So if you’re dissatisfied with your gifts, send in your socks, ugly sweaters and decorative coasters to see what you get. Gifts must be sent to Houlihan’s HQ located at 8700 State Line Rd., Suite 100, Leawood, KS, 66206 by January 3, 2014 in order to participate.

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    This is a great idea for this business that will allow them to interact with their customers and engage new prospects.
    We will share this great way to use the traditional white elephant gift party on the AlbinoPhant blog (Headquarters for all things white elephant).