Here’s Why You Should Never Miss Breakfast Again [Infographic]


You’ve heard it all before, ”Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” While this saying has garnered a fair amount of eye-rolling for decades past, there’s a lot of delicious truth behind it.

According to this nifty infographic by Chef Works, folks who skip breakfast are 4 times more likely to become obese, while kids who eat breakfast were shown to score 17.5 percent higher on math tests.

The piece also gives us a glimpse into what the rest of the world is eating every morning. We have Tagine, slow-cooked lamb stew, being served in Morocco for breakfast, and Natto, fermented soybeans over rice, served in Japan. Or you could venture to try out Vegemite with some toast in Australia. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you on that one.


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  • Tasty Chomps

    Eating breakfast also helps me at least feel more full through out the day allowing me to eat less for lunch and dinner. It’s fuel for the body.


  • Linda Lovelush

    Hmmm… my kid eats breakfast every day and math is his worst subject :-/

  • Ken Chow

    This is the type of false inference BS that gives science a bad name. Correlation is not causality, people.

  • Anonymous

    43% less likely to be obese if you eat breakfast, but four times more likely to be obese if you skip it? How does that math work?

    • McFilth

      Apparently whoever did that math didn’t eat their breakfast