Make Your Own Cronut in Five Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]


By now, everyone’s heard of the wondrous pastry known as the Cronut. This amalgam of donuts and croissants has taken the world by surprise. How many of you out there are just sitting behind your computer screens wishing you could get your hands on one and just sink your teeth into it? Well now you can stop wondering, get up and make your very own Cronut.

Thanks to this creative graphic by GooglyGooeys, the essentials to creating a Cronut can be broken down to five (fairly-easy) steps. None of which include a donut, a croissant, some Al Green and a bottle of wine. All you really need is the right ingredients, some love and care and a little patience.


So if any of you Foodbeasts out there want to try and do this yourself, make sure to take a pic and hashtag #FOODBEAST so we can see your beautiful Cronuts!

H/T Design Taxi

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  • HankoTanko

    That actualyl does make a lot of sense. Wow.

  • Jeebus

    It would have been helpful to include the *quantities* of the ingredients.

  • jsteen

    The most worthless graphic ever. .Like explaining the Apollo program by saying ‘Take some men, put them in a machine, fly it to the moon and take a smaller part of that machine home!’.