So Apparently, We’ve Been Eating Apples All Wrong [VIDEO]

This is the story of how I found out the right way to eat an apple, essentially learning that my mother has yet again failed me in every day eating and drinking routines. First it was dispensing Tic Tacs, using ketchup cupseating cupcakes, then shucking a strawberry, then drinking soda, then streamlining Chinese food, and now this?

It all happened early yesterday morning — I ran up to the fridge in our office just a few short skips away from my desk, pulled an apple from the fruit drawer, and chomped on it as I returned to my seat. Upon the first crunch, my desk-mate Geoff looked up from his computer, and said the inevitable phrase that eventually led to me writing this post: “Dude, you’re eating that apple all wrong.

Screw Geoff.

It’s an apple. There’s one way to eat it, and it’s down to the core. DOWN. TO. THE. CORE. Or so I thought.

I peeked out from behind my computer, intent on finding out what miraculous shred of wisdom our content director was set to spew out of his mouth. He stood up from his seat, grabbed the apple from my hand, plucked the stem, and took a bite right through the top of the apple.

In between bites, Geoff managed, “See, eating it from the sides is wasteful. But if you eat it from the top, the core doesn’t even exist.

In that moment, Geoff handed the apple back to me. Sure enough, he was nearly halfway through the apple, all without choking on what we normally consider the inedible ‘core.’ Eating from the top allowed more of the pleasant flesh to encompass the surface of every bite.

It was a moment of epiphany — and one that eventually got the whole office thinking.

The traditional method of eating around “the core” seemed to create a sizable amount of waste. In fact, after doing a mass and volume test, we concluded we were seemingly throwing away anywhere from 15 to 30% of every apple. If you live by the ‘apple a day’ motto, then apples priced at $1.30/lb. will set you back $137 year, with a waste of $42.

Conclusion? I’m gonna stop eating my apple from left-to-right, and start eating it from top-to-bottom. The only thing I had to spit out were the seeds.

I felt like Neo in the Matrix, and I just stumbled down a rabbit hole, at the bottom of which someone was telling me, “There is no apple core.”

I should have just taken the blue pill:


Elie is a product of Orange County, CA. In early 2012, his dentist diagnosed him with 8 different cavities, three of which on the same tooth, as a result of his 23-year Sour Patch Kid addiction.

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  • Claire

    classic elie wink.

  • Alfredo Jara

    I’ve been doing that all my life, and I didn’t know I was a genius! I leave the stem, so I eat 100% of the apple (including seeds), and throw the stem away at the end…

    • Anonymous

      The seeds contain cyanide, idiot.

      • TheJoker

        The body can digest small amounts, the amount of apple seeds to be a lethal dose is a ridiculously large amount

      • Danny Sauer

        Cyanide is all-natural, and based on the opinions of health nuts, it must therefore be good for you.

      • Guest

        Conveniently, I’ve spent the last few years building up an immunity to cyanide.

        • Anonymous

          And we have a winner!

          More likely to be encountered than iocane powder.

      • Anonymous

        Not nearly enough to hurt you.
        You should probably be a rude troll just in case, though.

      • oldguyrocker .

        If you don’t chew the seeds the shell prevents your body from absorbing it. It then becomes totally harmless. Plus, if you don’t chew 30 or 40 seeds it isn’t enough to make any difference.

      • crob000

        That cyanide is bonded with another element allowing humans to consume it. Just like table salt. The only known substance to destroy the bond while in the body is from an enzyme secreted by cancer cells. When it comes in contact with cancer cells and free radicals, the bond displaces, the cyanide is neutralized on contact with the cancerous cell both wiping each other out. There is a reason they are trying to take seeds out of everything, it makes you sick and get cancer. haha

      • Anonymous

        Correct, cyanide bonded with other elements only released by enzymes from cancer cells.
        Now either you assume the seeds are lethal if any amount is consumed which in turn you’re the “idiot” here otherwise yes the seeds contain cyanide and thank you for your astute observation. Idiot (assuming this is your form of greeting)

  • Peter Filak

    Essentially, the mass majority of people eat all fruits and vegetables incorrectly; from the green tops of strawberries to the crispy yet tender exterior of a pineapple.

    Speaking of pineapples…

  • Nobilis Reed

    Or you can cut up the apple and flick out the seeds.

    • Anonymous

      Or eat the seeds as they provide you with vitamin B17 which helps fight cancer.

      search: “A world without cancer”

      • Anonymous

        anything (like chemicals) applied to the trees is said to remain in the seeds… so…

        • Dewinta Maharani

          …so buy organic

          • Anonymous

            Yeah then you really cannot afford to waste anything

          • whoson

            lmao buy organic is some liberal bs. take down capitalism and food waste will be reduced.

      • Ben Mordecai

        Vitamin B17 is not a vitamin, and is actually a toxic substance.

        • Anonymous

          B17 is a world war II bomber.

      • Lori Richards

        The seeds also contain an cyanide compound that can make you sick. NEVER eat them.

        • richard

          if seeds contain cyanide, it mean strawberry and raspberries contain cyanide too?

          • Charm Kwon

            Richard, the seeds Lori referred to are apple seeds, not fruit seeds in general. For your information, strawberry and raspberry seeds are not known to contain cyanide compound.

        • Anonymous

          The number of apple seeds you’d need to consume in order to poison yourself is enormous.

        • Tenebris Umbrius Lupinus

          Not only is the sheer volume of seeds necessary to generate sufficient CN to poison you enormous, the seeds would have to be shredded by blender first.

  • Randall Hauk

    So, apparently, you’ve run out of good ideas for this video series but can’t bring yourself to stop coming up with absurdities.

    I’m going to go ahead and continue to not eat the core and seeds, and, you know what, it’s not remotely “wrong.”

  • Sweet Sultry

    Elie, I really enjoy watching you eat things. I’m not a foodie nor do I have some weird fetish that involves food, but watching you eat is both cute/funny and slightly sexual. I’m having strange stirrings. I don’t like it.

    • Anonymous

      I was waiting for a comment like this. Bonus Awarded, Sweet!

  • yeah hey

    the seeds tho

  • Dave

    I learned to eat apples like this as a kid. Some other kids ate the same way in the school cafeteria but most were “wasters.” As for ingesting a few seeds — so what? They only contain a trace amount of cyanide.

    • Anonymous

      Actually if you research the cyanide is paired with other elements. The cyanide is inactive being paired and thus is harmless. As with any substance excessive amounts can be fatal/lethal just as drinking too much water. The only recorded fatalities have been buckets full amounts of seeds being eaten.
      search: “A world without cancer”

  • Anonymous

    I just tried this and it works. Though, it keeps saying top to bottom. Since there is no core (or very, very little), I suggest eating bottom to top. Once you get to the seeds, eat the rest like you normally would. :)

  • Norton Hortron

    i want a freakin apple now!!

  • Helgapia .

    Glad for you that you found out HOW to eat an apple. We’ve been doing that for ages ;-)
    Now — are you aware of the DIRTY DOZEN ??
    Google it … it’s to do with WHAT’s IN your apple and ON your apple … and what plant food has the MOST toxins/poisons sprayed on them, dipped them in, grown them in etc. Apples are up there with the worst, I’m afraid — unless, of course, you buy ORGANIC. The catchment area for liquid-sprays of pesticides (plentiful for non-organically grown apples) is the little ditch where the stem is, and tests of pesticides have shown that it’s VERY concentrated there. If the apples are waxed (on top of being sprayed), it’s kinda a double-whammy ….
    Whatever we don’t grow ourselves and/or can’t get organically grown … we soak in warm water with either a few drops of iodine or 1/4 cup of organic apple cider vinegar, and then rinse with lots of fresh warm water.
    There are published tests online, confirming that it actually works (to a degree). If you eat as many fruits (especially apples, which we also JUICE daily) – it’s quite an accumulation of pesticides that find their way into your system. ♥

    • Guest

      Even organic your apple seeds are going to contain toxins in it. Organic doesn’t mean pesticide free or herbicide free, but besides that, there is arsenic naturally occurring in the environment which is found in the apple seeds as a result. Hope you aren’t juicing those “organic” apples with seeds intact….

    • Payton Blake

      Even organic your apples are going to contain toxins in it. Organic doesn’t mean pesticide free or herbicide free, but besides that, there is arsenic naturally occurring in the environment which is found in the apples as a result. Since you’re so concerned with those toxins, I do hope you enjoy your arsenic laced organic apple juice.

  • Anonymous

    Love these videos! The only one I knew about was the soda can and I’m FAR older than you!! :-) Did you know we’ve been cutting cake the wrong way all these years?? Don’t use a knife…use dental floss! It cuts in perfectly straight lines and doesn’t take all the cake and icing with it. Perfect slices every time!!

    • Anonymous

      Dental floss? What a clever idea.
      I’ve been using fishing line – so next time I’ll try the dental floss.

  • Sam the Deaf

    Isn’t apple seed posion?

  • Willie D

    Dont know about you, but I prefer NOT to eat the core. It is harder than the rest of the apple, it has ricin in the seeds… yeah, Ill keep eating it the correct way, the normal way, the way I like it.

  • Anonymous

    ..Heee must have had the major shits after eating so many apples at once.

  • Manny Gandia

    I’ve been eating the whole apple since early high school. lol I eat around the apple THEN eat from the bottom of the core to the stem….I also eat the stem. :3

  • Melissa
    • crob000


  • Cookie

    I just eat the whole apple, except for the seeds – without even cutting it! :)

  • Jack C

    This is escalating…

  • crob000

    You should eat the seeds, It has what is referred to as vitamin b17. A cancer prevention and cure. But you didn’t hear that from me because natural things are not allow to cure anything so say the government and pharmaceuticals.

  • Anonymous

    Or how about I eat the apple any way I please.

  • Anonymous

    so who was it that told me that apple seeds were carcinogenic? maybe there is a reason we’ve been eating them this way

    • asfdsfsfsfs

      not carcinogenic, they just contain minor amounts of cyanide

  • Shannon H

    The same can be said for the traditional way corn on the cob is eaten. Use your bottom teeth to remove the corn one row at a time from left to right, then you get the whole kernel. My husband thinks I’m weird and loves to point it out to everyone, but I’m enjoying 30-40% more of that corn than anyone else is.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah – you get to zoot around the whole cob, bottom teeth mowing like a … cob-mower. And afterwards you get to suck up any little kernels that tried to escape. Only way to eat corn on the cob!

  • MapleSoda

    This is in no way insightful. Piggybacking onto wastenotwantnot/smarter consumption for validation is silly. Maybe ask why do most people everywhere eat apples in a common way and why those that buck the trend think they have cracked some kind of culinary code.

  • Mike Tang Yew

    What about the blossom end of the apple?

  • yvette

    this is so interesting, my granddaughter has always eaten the WHOLE apple, except of course for the stem and seeds. She had asthma as a baby and starting eating apples at age 2, i had heard apples were good for her condition, so i made sure that we always had apples on hand, she has not had an attack since the age of 4

  • Nataniel Rivera

    Screw Geoff.

  • Anonymous

    i would not eat the turd parts (top and bottom) or the seed area. blech!

  • john truth

    could barely see it thanks to the giant boost mobile banner ad across the video…but looked dumb…apples are cheap I don’t wanna eat the core…not starving yet.

  • Anonymous

    Gross, he ate that weird, dry fuzzy hole in the bottom and all those weird rib-like parts in the middle. No thanks. Apples aren’t all that great to begin with and are at their best when they’re peeled and cored.

  • Tenebris Umbrius Lupinus

    I have always eaten every part of the apple (seeds included) that is not technically a branch (the stem) I do sometimes eat the stem, but only if I am somewhere that a dropped stem would be disrespectful.