Finally! Legal Chocolate Surprise Eggs Coming to the US by Easter

Remember that guy who proposed to his girlfriend by taking a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg and replacing the toy inside with a tiny figure of himself on bended knee? If you don’t, just know that it was adorable and probably also illegal – considering that the sale and import of the eggs has been banned in the U.S. since 1938.

Apparently, more than 60,000 Surprise eggs are seized at the U.S. border each year with penalties up to $2,500 per egg. That’s a bit of a hefty fine for something so paltry as a proposal, *snort*.

Luckily the brains over at New Jersey’s Candy Treasure LLC have just created a new kind of chocolate surprise egg you won’t actually have to smuggle into the country. Let me introduce to you, the Choco Treasure.

But first, a history lesson. In 1938, the FDA passed The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, which prohibits “non-nutritive (inedible) object inside a candy.” Furthermore, the toys in Kinder and other such surprise eggs are also only safe for kids 3 and up, which violates the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s requirement that all candy-encased toys be safe for children of all ages.

But Choco Treasures are different. First off, each of the three different editions of Choco Treasure has its own collection of all ages toys, from the original chocolate eggs to sports balls to even a Spider-man-inspired egg, licensed from Marvel. Second, each egg features a specially-designed capsule that separates the two halves of the chocolate so even a small child can see the there’s something on the inside. Check out some of the promotional photos for yourself, below:

chocolate egg with capsule and ridge

Spiderman single box (1)

The Choco Treasure will be available nationwide this Easter at retailers such as Target and online at The company will also be sponsoring charity Easter Egg hunts nationwide, donating eggs to St. Jude’s Children’s ranch & hospital, the L.A. Zoo, NY City Parks Dept, Chicago Parks Dept, Glazer children’s museum, and the Drumthwacket foundation.

Looks like egg-hunting just got cool again.

H/T + Picthx Choco Treasure

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  • Lindazilla

    $2500 per egg!?!? Holy crap! Good thing I’ve never been caught!

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, what makes Kinder Surprise eggs so good is the quality of the chocolate, which American chocolate has yet to replicate. All these years going between Canada and the US, and I still don’t get why the US brand is always worse…

    Hopefully this company has a better chocolate recipe…

    • Micheal Pelt

      American business model: make something as absolutely cheap as possible, sell it at the highest price possible, and have the marketing department convince everybody that what they have purchased is absolutely the best ever and at the lowest price ever. The amazing thing isn’t that the American stuff is worse but that Americans really do believe it is the best

    • swattz101

      I miss good German and Swiss chocolate. I get the imports sometimes, but it doesn’t always seem the same.

      Funny story, When I was living in Germany, my sister shipped me a package of the new Hershey Cookies and Creme chocolate bars. (This was about 20 years ago). I had trouble eating them because they tasted like wax compared to the German chocolate. I also enjoyed lots of Kinder Uberashungen when I was over there.

      • Valadia Kristoffersen

        They tasted like wax because there IS wax (parrafin) in it. From what I heard, they did they so the chocolate would last for the troops during WWII…

  • Bobby Runem

    The reason Kinder Surprise are so awesome has nothing to do with the chocolate… it’s the quirky-ness of the toys. Sometimes complex, other times absurd but always unique… I can’t imagine what cornball jank they’re going to throw in them in America.

  • Lynxonyx

    Wow, had no idea they were illegal when i brought half a dozen back to the States a few years back… good thing I got hungry on the plane and ate them all… and then played with the toys to assuage my boredom. So no laws broken… yay!

  • drunksmoochum

    i saw those target a few days ago ill get one next time i go