14 Vagina-Shaped Foods to Feed Your Appetite


Here at Foodbeast, we love vaginas almost as much as we love food. We’ve compiled a list that combines our two favorite things both as they appear in nature and in the kitchens of creative (and slightly insane) vagina fans. Enjoy!


 1. Oysters


Pretty sure it’s impossible to eat an oyster like this without wearing a “Shuck me, suck me, eat me raw” t-shirt.

PicThx thefrisky


2. Steaks

37 Vagina Steak

PicThx mixedmartialarts


3. Tacos


We’re not sure what’s happening with these tacos, but we think we like it.

PicThx Zoklet


4. Grapefruits


PicThx sexxxinthekitchen


5. Oranges


PicThx Dave’s Daily Dose


6. Papayas


Fun fact: “papaya” is a Cuban slang term for “vagina,” which made things pretty awkward when Mormon presidential candidate Mitt Romney told a Cuban radio audience that he was a “big fan of papaya” during the 2012 campaign.

PicThx latinzine


7. Honeydew Melons


PicThx foodofmyaffection


8. Sweet Potatoes

SPPicThx meatisadelicacy


9. Bell Peppers


This pepper is more clitoral than vaginal, but let’s be real: no one ever got anywhere by ignoring the clitoris.

PicThx fairfaxunderground


10. Onions


PicThx Disclose


11. Cupcakes


PicThx Chaos Bakery


12. Cookies


Cakehead Loves Evil has come up with a terrifyingly new approach to the vagina pastry theme with these fanged vagina cookies.


13. Beef Tongue


No comment.

PicThx The Accidental Vagina


14. This Lord of the Rings Cake


The raging yeast infection happening in this edible vagina is almost scarier  than the actual Eye of Sauron.

PicThx Geekosystem

Erika Grant is an Orange County native in a long-distance relationship with the Bay Area. She's enthusiastic about all things vegan/vegetarian, has cheese dreams on the regular that make it difficult to commit to the vegan lifestyle, and gets obscenely excited about avocados in anything.

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    Now, all we need is one full of penis shape foods and the fantastic food orgy shall begin.

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    Really folks? This is a sad statement about our society!

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    I can’t believe you did that to the cupcake- I may never eat one the same again. ;(

    • http://beyouthful.net/ Clare

      I’m a huge LOTR fan too— SAURON…noooooo!!!

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    Loving the Vagina Dentata cookies!

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    Vagina’s are food.

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    That’s so gross!

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    Death to all vaginas!

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      Ok, What’d the vaginas do to you?


    Y’all are killin me with the cup cakes and cookies!!!

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    Vagina is god