Birthday Cake Oreos Are Real, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Apart from being the world’s top selling cookie, the Oreo brand is celebrating its 100th birthday this March 6th, 2012 with a limited-edition Birthday Cake-flavored Oreo. There’s a lot of interesting history to be recapped in the past century, in fact, did you know that the year Oreo was birthed was the same year the South Pole was discovered, as well as the tragic sinking of the Titanic?

The cookies will start hitting store shelves next week at a suggested retail price of $3.59 and they have nationwide distribution. While prices and availability may vary, expect these to be in as many stores as possible.

We were fortunate enough to get a box of our own so we could rummage through it and give these new cookies a try. Upon peeling open the box/bag, an aroma of birthday cake was pouring out. If you are even the slightest fan of the taste of birthday cake batter (think Funfetti), then you’ll have a good, sugary time with these new cookies. You get the colored speckled frosting on the interior, and the birthday-branded wafers for texture on the outside.

Each serving (2 cookies) is 6 grams of fat, 140 calories and 13 grams of sugar.

Here’s the consensus from around the office:


Eating these new Oreos brings a whole new meaning to the saying “It’s Like a Party In Your Mouth”


I used to think it was cool to listen to Slayer and worship the devil, ’till I found out these cake batter Oreos are only available in heaven.


Do you know how to post videos to Facebook?


They’re good, but too rich for my taste. Wouldn’t eat more than one in a sitting.


If I’m buying Oreos, I’m choosing these over the originals.

Elie is a product of Orange County, CA. In early 2012, his dentist diagnosed him with 8 different cavities, three of which on the same tooth, as a result of his 23-year Sour Patch Kid addiction.

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  • Becky

    Hurray! I was so worried that I missed them. One batch of Birthday Cake Oreo Truffles coming up!

  • licoricepirate

    yum yumster

  • Vonxwolfenstein

    I got these yesterday at my local wallyworld. Super tasty!

  • Tony Chen

    I am so looking forward to these; you have no idea!

  • Daniel Ames


  • Free Coupon

    Lovely and like these Birthday Cake Oreos.

  • Guest

    I have to be honest, I do not care for them. The cookie tastes more coconut than chocolate, and the filling is cake frosting with sprinkles inside. They are too sweet. I can only eat at the most two, which is not nomal for me and Original Oreos at all lol

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  • Mooseamillion05

    Im in Seattle, Wa. area. Where can I find them?

  • iPadCary

    These are the work of the Devil ‘imself!