Your Kitchen is Trying to Kill You -- Injury Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that on average, homefires started by cooking equipment end up killing 480 people per year? Those same fires injured almost 5,000 people and caused $724,00,000.00 in damage. I didn't know that.

How about -- did you know that the average cutting board 200% more fecal bacteria than your toilet seat? Damn, maybe I should be cutting veggies on that Fisher Price bedpan I got stashed in my closet?

If I haven't completely killed your buzz for the day, maybe I can tell you that it takes only as few as 10 bacteria to make people sick, and on average, your sponge or counter-wiping cloth has 134,630 bacteria. Your kitchen faucet handle has 13,227 bacteria.


Full disclosure, it looks like a kitchen supply store put together this infographic, but it doesn't mean their information is flawed or without sources. Just remember, keep your hands off the wrong side of that knife!

Feel free to click the image below for an enlarged version: