Pillsbury Releases Gluten-Free Pizza and Cookie Dough, Because Gluten-Free People Get the Munchies Too


Let's be real: a gluten-free diet might have tons of health benefits, but we'd need to be stricken by some limb-munching supervirus before we'd consider living a life without pizza. Or donuts. Or cookie dough. Luckily for gluten-intolerant folks with pizza-centric priorities, dough marketing giant Pillsbury has finally taken notice and released a line of gluten-free products.


Yep, you read that right. Alternative health movements are becoming so mainstream that the Pillsbury Doughboy is doing some gluten-free giggling in the refrigerated aisle. But hey, we're happy about anything that brings instant pizza to as many people as possible.



The Pillsbury line also features a variety of tasty gluten-free goodies (including chocolate chip cookie dough) and a list of gluten-free recipes compiled by none other than Iron Chef alum Cat Cora. Because the only thing better than delicious frozen dough is reality TV superstars telling you how to pop that sh*t in the oven for maximum deliciousness.

Pillsbury's new gluten-free line will be available at most major grocery retailers.