You Can Actually Deep-Fry Sriracha Into Little Bites


You know by know that you can put Sriracha on everything, so where do we go with future innovations? Deep-frying Sriracha is a damn good start.

Oh Bite It does it again, taking ordinary food and making it extraordinary. These deep-fried Sriracha bites look like they should be appetizers at Applebee's and thankfully, Amy Erickson, Oh Bite It's creator, teaches us how to make these tasty-looking balls.



You essentially just need honey cornbread mix, Sriracha, one egg and canola oil. You mix the cornbread, Sriracha and egg in a bowl until it thickens. You put 1 teaspoon of your newly mixed batter into 350-degree canola oil until it's a nice, golden brown color.

For complete measurements and more amazing pictures of these delicious bites, check out the full recipe on Oh Bite It.