Restaurant Caught A 1-Star Yelper Lying So They Took Matters Into Their Own Hands


It's easy to fudge a Yelp review if you're so inclined. Yelper Dan, is allegedly accused of doing just that. Dan claimed he visited California-based Chinese restaurant Wonderful only to leave after an unfriendly interaction with a staff member, reports Ratter. The upset patron took to Yelp to vent his frustrations, finishing with a one-star rating.

The owners son, You You Xue, discovered the review and set to disprove Dan's claims. Sitting through hours of surveillance footage, Xue found a man that resembled Dan showing up around the time he said. Unlike his review, however, the man in the footage only stayed for less than a minute before leaving. He didn't even sign in or talk to anyone on staff.


Wonderful posted the videos on the restaurant's website including timestamps of Dan's visit.

Dan updated his post after the the videos went online though his review was eventually deleted. The restaurant, however, says they bear no ill feelings and would welcome Dan with a handshake and meal upon his return.