The World's Largest Starbucks Just Opened And It's Like Disneyland For Coffee Lovers

Starbucks is set to open what essentially is a Disneyland for coffee fanatics in Shanghai. Their new reserve roastery, which is easily the world's largest Starbucks, is a high-tech and upscale tribute to the caffeinated beverage.

largest Starbucks
Photo courtesy of Starbucks

The entire facility covers 30,000 square feet, and has a multitude of different experiences for you to partake in. You can watch the entire process required for your brew, from bean to beverage, happen as the green coffee beans are roasted and converted into coffee sold in-house. On top of that, there's a 3-D printed tea bar, three different coffee bars (including Starbuck's longest at 88 feet), and even an augmented reality experience that'll give you a virtual tour with a ton of extra facts about the roastery.

Of course, Starbucks's newest acquisition, Princi, will also be making a feature appearance in the Shanghai roastery. The Italian bakery business will be cranking out at least 80 fresh-baked items on the daily to match with your coffee and tea experiences.


To give the entire facility its own flair, many of the features, from the design and decor to the tea and coffee themselves, are based in Shanghai and Chinese traditions. Starbucks will also be donating $20 million US Dollars over the next five years to affect social impact across China.

It's fitting that Starbucks is putting out all of the bells and whistles for this high-tech, almost futuristic coffee facility in Shanghai. China is the coffee giant's fastest-growing market, with a new store opening every 15 hours. A fifth of those stores can be found in Shanghai, who, at 600 locations, has more Starbucks spots than any other city. By establishing a reserve roastery that dwarfs the original one in Seattle, Starbucks is looking to establish Shanghai as a powerhouse for their international coffee game, especially in China.

The Shanghai Reserve Roastery will officially open to the public on Dec. 6.