World's Largest KFC Drive-Thru Serves 200 Cars An Hour


The world's largest KFC drive-thru has landed in the Ukraine and with about 5,575 square feet to serve its patrons, it's packed wall to wall with guests whose love for of all things fried, mashed and on the cob is very real. Located at the National Railway Station’s south terminal in Kiev, this fried chicken haven features a  double drive-thru that can serve 200 cars per hour, a 400-seat patio, and a room that seats up to 280 people.


Ukraine's first KFC opened last year and it appears to have been a fan favorite considering the construction of this monstrous building, which will also be their flagship. More locations are in the works but it'll take some effort to outdo themselves. Might we suggest a helipad for those traveling across Eastern Europe?

PicThx NRN