This Dude Got Scalding Hot Water Poured On Him For Stealing A Hot Dog [WATCH]


Revenge is a dish best served boiling, apparently. If your coworker's being a dick and going around biting hot dogs that aren't his, you gotta get back at him somehow.

Video from New Zealand shows a man named Kian Wee-Show defending his girlfriend's honor from a hot dog stealing asshole they work with. After his girlfriend's half-eaten hot dog was taken by a man named Bin Wu, Show is shown casually walking up to the water dispenser, filling up a bucket with boiling hot water, and gracefully pouring it over Wu, according to Bro Bible.

After getting the living hell burned out of him, Wu stood up, had no idea what to do and ran out of frame while the water steamed off his head like Ghost Rider.

The best part was the boss walking up and softly smacking Show with the bucket, as if to say, "Why'd you do that ya ding bat?"

Check out the video below as New Zealanders make sure no wiener thief goes unpunished: