Weed-Infused Shrimp Chips Are The Answer To Your Munchies


Growing up in an Asian household, shrimp chips were always a go-to snack for me that had whole bags being demolished in the span of no less than two sessions. They're just that good.

Nowadays, snack sessions can hit different if you're partaking in cannabis, particularly when the munchies hit. Thanks to Potli, an Asian-owned and minority-led edibles brand that creates artisanal pantry ingredients infused with cannabis and hemp, weed-infused shrimp chips are now a tasty and trippy reality.

The gluten free, self-appointed "grandma-approved" shrimp chips are fried in Potli's hemp-infused olive oil, for maximum marijuana leaf efficacy. Created with the help of Kevin Madrigal Galindo on R&D and scale, and Eiselle Ty on package design, the infused shrimp chips came to fruition shortly after this past Lunar New Year, according to Potli co-founder and CEO, Felicity Chen.


This bag of self-love and self-indulgence will be available starting June 2021, with availability and product details below: 

Potli Hemp Infused Shrimp Chip - 10 MG CBD - Non Spicy
Distribution: Available for Order on
Specs: 2 oz, Gluten Free
Pricing: $10 for 1 bag, $28 for 3 bags

Potli Cannabis Infused Shrimp Chip - Original Flavor - 10 MG THC - Non Spicy
Launch Date: June 11th
Distribution: All Stiiizy stores in California. 

Potli Cannabis Infused Shrimp Chip - Extra Lit Flavor - 50 MG THC - Mala Spicy
Launch Date: June
Distribution: California Dispensaries
Specs: 2 oz