This New Instant Ramen Brand Could Be A College Student's Ultimate Food Source

Ever tried living off of instant ramen alone? I mean, we joke about doing that all the time in school, but we were usually mixing in other foods as well.

One of my college professors loved telling a story about a friend of his who tried the instant ramen diet for a month. Apparently, he ingested so much sodium that his eyes went yellow and needed some serious medical attention. Yikes.

instant ramen


Photo courtesy of Vite Ramen

There's a new brand of instant noodles around, though, that claims to give you everything you need, minus the sodium overdose. This "nutritionally complete" Vite Ramen packs in a ton of key nutrients per serving, all while keeping you well under the recommended amount of daily sodium intake of 2,300 mg.

The ramen noodles are satiating at 500 calories and 27 grams of protein per serving pouch. They're not necessarily a "healthy ramen," but they'll fill you up and act as a noodle "multivitamin," if you will, at the same time.


Each serving comes with a nutrient packet that contains 25% of what you need for every key mineral and vitamin. The ramen also keeps it low on the salt, at 575 mg per pouch. So technically, you can live off the ramen alone by eating four packs a day. You'd get all of your needed major nutrients (a miracle in today's age of consumption) while staying at exactly 2,300 mg of sodium. That's pretty impressive.

It definitely wouldn't be super cheap to live solely off of Vite Ramen, however. Each packet costs $3, and four of them are supposed to get you through a day. That comes out to roughly $360 per month on food costs, which the USDA considers to be a "liberal budget" for a college student. You don't need to eat all four daily, though, as just three still gets you most of the nutrients you need and fits under a "moderate" food budget.

Still, Vite Ramen is meant to be a meal replacement for when you don't have the time or energy to make a nutritious dinner. That means that when you need to fill up in a pinch, you can use these noods and know that you're getting way more nutrition than the other options out there.

Vite Ramen is currently crushing it on Kickstarter, having fulfilled their fundraising goal 10 times over with a couple of days to go. They're ready to start production off the bat, so you should be able to see them in retailers and available for online purchase soon.