Virgin-Boy Urine Soaked Eggs are a Springtime Delicacy in Dongyang, China

Virgin-boy urine soaked eggs?! We're not quite sure what to think about this one on so many levels...To the western palate a dish like this seems almost unimaginable. There's a very strange process that goes into making these eggs that involves soaking and cooking eggs in urine from boys, preferably under the age of 10. And how does one go about getting all this prized urine? Apparently they collect buckets of them from primary school bathrooms!

According to tradition, these eggs are believed to decrease body heat and promote better blood circulation. Although there's no proof, the delicacy seems to be so popular that the government has considered them an intangible cultural heritage. Curious about how they taste? Many claim them to be "fresh and salty." Yum...