We Spoke To The Now Viral Dancing ‘Pizza Girl’ About Her Internet-Breaking Performance

It's often said that pizza can make everything better. With that said, it seems a video of a burlesque dancer performing her routine whilst nibbling on a slice of pizza, is probably enough visual evidence needed to establish that pizza does make everything better. We spoke to the now viral pizza girl to find out what happened.

viral pizza girl

The viral pizza girl, known as Lilly Blue Moon, is an artist, model and dancer at Jumbo's Clown Room in Downtown Los Angeles.  The video, which now has more than 3 million views on Twitter, shows Moon, casually take the stage with a slice of pizza in hand, as money rains down on her and the crowd cheers — while the tune of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" plays in the background.


FOODBEAST spoke to Ms. Blue Moon via Instagram direct message. She explained that eating pizza on stage isn't a part of her normal performance, but considering the reaction from her now viral video, it might be.

"If there's anything I'd want to be known for its eating pizza half naked and getting money thrown at me for it." — Lilly Blue Moon


Whatever the case may be, the internet seemed quite envious of Moon and her moves.

Twitter user @sharizardsenpai seemed super into it.


It looks like Twitter user @Goddess__gemma supports this video.

Having worked at Jumbo's for nearly a year, Moon said she has a reputation of being a pizza lover, which has earned her the nickname, "Pizza Girl," since she continuously brings in pizza for before her shifts. So, considering her nickname, Moon decided to add a slice to her dance routine, and got more attention than she expected.

"I’ve done it a few times the other bikini bars I worked at," Moon told FOODBEAST. "Never in front of a large crowd and never did I expect a response I got from it! I do always get pizza before work and my coworkers and boss call me 'The Pizza Girl'. I just thought it would be funny."

Moon added that her slice of the night was from Garage Pizza in LA, which is only about a mile from Jumbo's. Could viral pizza girl start a new food trend for gentlemen's clubs? Possibly, considering strip clubs are basically the reason Atlanta is addicted to lemon pepper chicken wings.