Vegan Parents In Italy Could Face Jail Time If This Bill Passes


Italy seems to believe they have a growing vegan problem, to the point where some of the notorious leaf-eaters might start getting serious jail time.

There is currently a bill circulating that would lock up Italian parents who make their children go vegan. Why? The bill states, veganism promotes "reckless and dangerous eating behavior," according to La Repubblica.


The bill was introduced by Forza Italia's Elvira Savino, and she believes that veganism is cool for adults, but making kids follow a no-meat diet could leave them deficient of  iron, zinc and vitamin B-12, which could lead to anemia and possibly even neurological disorders.

Savino figured six years in prison would be an adequate amount of time to punish parents for their meatless ways, but of course there is some opposition, as science experts are snarkily suggesting lawmakers focus on Italy's obesity epidemic instead.

While PETA always calls meat-eaters murderers and criminals, if this law passes, it might literally work the other way around for Italians. Imagine that.