Act Like A Boss On V-Day And Take Your Date To The Waffle House

With Valentine's Day less than two weeks away, it's high time to start planning your desperate attempt to swoon (or fool) your significant other into thinking you're their perfect match. But, if you're like anyone I know, you're not even close to having a plan.

Before you embark on the annual nerve-racking, 'don't-get-too-drunk-while-praying-your-credit-card-isn't-declined,' Hallmark-themed date night, remember, romance has never had a monetary value.

But still, each year, on the evening of Feb. 14, for better or worse, lovebirds everywhere flock to the highest rated and most expensive restaurants they can find. Upon arrival they'll wait hours for a small, cramped table with crappy service and overrated food.


Sound like a good time so far? Not so much.

That's why, this year, I'm taking my date to the nearest Waffle House and I don't care what anyone says.

On Tuesday, Jan 26. The Waffle House announced that it will host a ninth annual candle-lit Valentine's Day Dinner at select locations across the nation. The Waffle House isn't scared of commitment and wants to save you from a potential relationship-ending Valentine's Day dinner disaster and is offering reservations to sweeten the deal.



Not only is having Valentine's Day dinner at The Waffle House a fool-proof plan for the most epic V-Day dinner ever, but, A: your date will never expect you to pull up to The Waffle House and automatically shout, "We out here, baby!" And, B: What's better than a fresh Arnold-Palmer and some cheesy eggs for dinner? Nothing.

If you're worried that your date might want a steak, don't even trip. The Waffle House considers themselves, "The World's Leading Server of T-Bone Steaks," and is literally making four T-bone steaks per minute.

If your idea of a romantic isn't a valentine's Day dinner at the Waffle House, then I'm glad we're not dating and it just means more Waffle House for me.