Upskirting Perv Forced To Eat His SD Card By Bad-Ass Girl Who Caught Him [WATCH]


Some people will go to great lengths to feed their perverted appetites, hence dudes who take upskirt photos, or videos. A man in Nanjing, China was going about his business in a Subway, trying to invade a girl's no-no square, but he wasn't very slick about it, because the woman caught him.

Apparently, the guy had the camera hidden in his backpack, and when the woman caught it, she confronted him.

The video below, provided by People's Daily, was taken by the woman and posted to the popular Chinese social media network "Weibo," April 21, quickly getting hundreds of thousands of views.

After trying to deny what he did, the video later shows the guy sticking his camera's SD card in his mouth and taking bites out of it.


She essentially punked the perv into chewing his 'Spank Bank,' literally erasing it from memory.

The guy is then shown exiting the Subway in shame and running away like the bitch he is.

Check out the bad-ass woman in action, as she didn't let this creep run around without shame: