TWINKIES ICE CREAM is Now On Grocery Store Shelves

Twinkies are one of the most beloved snacks out there. The only possible way to make them better is to jam a bunch of them into ice cream form.

Well, it turns out that Hostess, the company who makes Twinkies, has teamed up with Nestle to do just that. Thankfully, that ice cream is now starting to appear in grocery stores.

CSP Daily News confirmed that this mashup was happening towards the end of 2016, and that convenience stores and Dollar Generals would begin carrying the products some time between February and May of this year. The Twinkies ice cream is part of a product line of Hostess Desserts ice creams that includes CupCakes and SnoBalls, as well.



It seems that some stores have gotten the ice creams a bit ahead of schedule, as The Impulsive Buy picked up a photo of the Twinkies ice cream from a fan, who found the ice cream at a Riesbeck's grocery store.


There's no telling if the exciting new dessert has made it elsewhere yet, but we've reached out to Hostess regarding the product release and are waiting to hear back.

Stay tuned to keep posted on this exciting ice cream and Twinkies mashup.