Las Vegas’ Biggest, Baddest New Club Is Actually A GOLF RANGE [WATCH]

I can't keep up with the amount of extravagance and one-upmanship that goes on in the Las Vegas nightlife and dining scene. The concentration of brilliant nightclubs, award-winning chefs, and debauchery seem to multiply tenfold upon every visit I make to the magical desert town. On our last trip, fellow Foodbeast Marc and I decided to visit an unusual candidate for best club and dining experience of the year... a frickin' driving range on the Las Vegas strip called Topgolf.

Neither of us are golfers, but we like food, we like boozing, we like swimming, and we'd love to do that all in one place if possible. With that in mind, we showed up to Vegas promptly at one in the afternoon, opting to visit Topgolf instead of the traditional day club experience.

We secured our own spot in the golf range, quickly ordered a bunch of food to kill whatever was looming from our previous night's hangover, and began drinking once again. Because Vegas baby, Vegas.

The only time you'll catch me playing golf. #foodbeast #lasvegas #topgolflasvegas

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From the jump, Topgolf is a massive space. It sprawls across eight acres behind the MGM Grand hotel, has four levels of climate-controlled golf bays, features swim up bars at several of the pools, and is even equipped with a concert venue... all within arms-reach of golf clubs that you don't even need to bring.

Starting on some Frozen Moscow Mules... a must:


Backyard Wings, smoked and grilled with a garlic vinaigrette:


Crispy Rock Shrimp... with an apple celery slaw and an Asian aioli:

rock-shrimp tuna tartare in a lemongrass oil, served with rice crackers and seaweed salad:



FIRE flatbread w/ pepperoni, porchetta, soppressata, mozz and parmesan cheese, and pickled peppers:


...and for dessert...

INFUSE-YOUR-OWN alcohol-infused donut holes:


In between eating, we actually did do a bit of golfing — and for a couple of schmucks who don't know the difference between a putting iron or a wedge, the entire experience remained enjoyable. Each private bay comes complete with a labeled set of golf clubs and all the golf balls are microchipped to your account to track your range.

After the food, we quickly jumped into the pool to help soak in the complete Vegas-in-a-nutshell experience that Topgolf was.

I'll wrap this adventure roundup up by showing you what other fun folks had around Topgolf by combing through Instagram:


It's going to be a hot one, time for a dip! ☀️#poolday

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Only in Vegas ... ?⛳️ #topgolf #topgolflasvegas #labordayweekend #laborday2016 #vegasfortheweekend #snapchatsawitfirst

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Mimosa and golf ⛳️??

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