Today I Learned: Oreo O's Vanished Everywhere Except for South Korea


Ah, the 90's. A time when slap bracelets, Daria, world peace, and Oreo O's existed. Who could forget those sugary bits of cereal that tricked our parents into thinking cookies were part of a balanced breakfast? Oreo O's were the perfect sugar rush before school. The black O's were the sweeter, crispy version of the original biscuit and the white "creme" speckles dissolved into your bowl of milk, making it extra sugary.

Sadly, after 2007, Post and Kraft ceased their co-branded partnership. Since Post owned the recipe and Kraft owned the rights to the Oreo name, the beloved cereal was pulled from shelves, never to be seen again. . .


Welp, turns out you can still get 'em in South Korea. Korean food company Dongsuh foods began as a joint venture with General Foods, the latter which was then acquired by Kraft Foods -- which in turn made half of Dongsuh Foods' stock property of Kraft. This allowed Dongsuh Foods to continue producing Oreo O's, since the company had both licenses required to make the cereal.

Thanks to this fortunate series of events, die-hard Oreo O's fans can relive the 90's on eBay for around $10 a box. Now wake up at 8am on a Saturday, throw on an episode of Animaniacs and you've got yourself the perfect morning.