Trader Joe’s Continues With Their Wizardry, Unveils A Pretzel Croissant Hybrid


Just when we thought we've seen every possible hybrid for a baked good, Trader Joe's released another. The grocery store brand is now selling Artisan Bread Pretzel Croissants in their bakery section.

We swung by our local Trader Joe's and grabbed a bag for ourselves. After all, the promo pic on the website showed us practically nothing.



The exterior had the firm taste of a pretzel, but broke apart as easily as a croissant. More croissant than pretzel, Trader Joe's uses a traditional laminating method. Each layer of dough is folded with butter which gives the croissant its flakiness. It's then given a yeasty, pretzel aroma with a salty taste.

Patrons can find a 5.78-ounce bag for $2.49 at their local Trader Joe's. Each bag comes with two Pretzel Croissants.