Crafty Ways to Cool Down That Dish You Accidentally Made Too Spicy


Apparently those veggie sticks they give you at Buffalo Wings aren't just for your health, they're a tool that can be used so you don't burn a hole in your tongue.

Katherine Martinelli at She Knows put together a few easy options to diffuse your spicy dishes so your mouth won't catch on fire with every bite.

You might already know some of these, but it's good to know them all so you exhaust every option before passing out.

Essentially, when you've made a dish that feels like it was born in Satan's belly button, immediately look for either acidic foods, vegetables, nuts, sweets, broth or dairy.


You'd probably guess that dairy would help with spiciness as you'll often see milk provided during spicy food challenges at different restaurants. And sweets, well that one feels pretty obvious.

Broth you might not have thought about, but broth can spread out the heat in chili or sauces that are too hot to handle.

Also, adding nuts to a dish helps diffuse its spiciness, so things like almond butter can go a long way in saving your taste buds from burning.

Check out the graphic below and She Knows for a full breakdown of how to un-spice your life.