This Starbucks Mega Latte Contains 101 Shots of Espresso


Why can't we just leave well enough alone? Someone has to keep abusing the Starbucks Gold Reward loyalty program, coming up with some insane concoction to claim as their free drink that inevitably drives their Starbucks barista mad. The latest in the "most expensive Starbucks drinks ever" saga is a mega latte that boasts 101 shots of espresso.

Ordered in Florida, William Lewis brought his own 160 ounce mug for the big occasion, which took a measly ten cents off his overall total thanks to Starbucks' bring your own cup discount. Unlike other uber lattes that go for the big ticket items like bananas to break the Starbucks record, Lewis ordered a grande latte with 99 extra shots of espresso. In case you were wondering, 101 shots of espresso turns out to be nearly 7,500 mg of caffeine. Because all that espresso would probably taste like crap on its own, Lewis added 17 pumps of vanilla syrup to sweeten it up a bit, bringing the drink's grand total to $83.75.


Of course, you'd have to be pretty damn stupid to drink that much caffeine in one sitting, so Lewis split the mega latte up with three friends. Starbucks is none too pleased with the latest expensive ass drink quoting a policy that "drink creations should not be larger than 20 ounces for hot drinks". We have to at least give the guy credit for sharing this monstrosity with his buddies.

H/T Eater