This Is How KFC Is Topping Their Double Down, and It Is Terrifying


If you freaked out when the Double Down made its glorious debut back in 2009, then you're probably losing your mind at the sight of KFC Korea's monstrous new creation.

They call it the Zinger Double Down King. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but with a burger patty stuffed in between two chicken patties, it's still a sight to behold.

Like the original Double Down, the breaded chicken still acts as a bun, it just doesn't look like the same off-kilter boneless chicken breast. The chicken patties pictured seem to have a smoother shape to them.


The bacon strips and cheese are still there and still look like they can induce a heart attack.

I remember being excited to try the first Double Down back in '09. I said, "Hey, It's just chicken and bacon." But then I ate it, and it made me hate my life. Have at it, Korea.