This Glass Makes Sure You'll Never Spill Your Wine Again


If you're a bit clumsy and tend to spill your drinks like a pissed-off 7-month-old baby, then this wine glass will be a life saver.

A pair of designers at Super Duper Studio Designs have created the Saturn Wine Glass, which is essentially a spill-proof glass.


The traditional glass stem found at the bottom of most wine glasses is replaced with a rounded out nubbin that keeps the glass from completely tipping over. From there, you can spin the glass like Leonardo DiCaprio's totem for as long as you want without a drop of wine spilling over.

There is a small problem with this design, however, as the traditional glass stem has a purpose of keeping the temperature in your hand from affecting the wine's temperature. This glass does not have said stem and your wine is at the mercy of your warm hands. Christopher Yamane, one of the glass' creators, told Dezeen Magazine that the temperature is less of a problem with red wine than white, but still a problem nonetheless.

The glasses are available for purchase, but for some reason, very discretely, by emailing the folks at Super Duper Studio Designs.


H/T Dezeen