10,000 Calorie Bomb is a Cheeseburger Inside a Cheeseburger, Held Together by Two More Cheeseburgers


Mister Eaters restaurant of Preston, Lancashire has taken the cheeseburger game to a whole new level with their 'Ulti-Meatum' burger bomb.

Created by Mister Eaters co-owner Corinne Clarkson, this humongous sandwich was inspired by the 'The Best Burger In The World' episode on Cartoon Network's The Regular Show. It features a cheeseburger within a cheeseburger, held together by "buns," aka two more cheeseburgers, with lettuce and tomato somehow wedged in there.

Five pounds of meat, six slices of cheese and three big buns later, the Ulti-Meatum clocks in at a whopping 10,000 calories. Co-owner John Clarkson explains, "We always do extreme things. There's no point doing something half-heartedly. You have to go to the extreme to get noticed." Holy heart attack.


If you're up to chow down on this meaty monster, it'll cost you a cool £20. But you'll earn a lifetime of mad respect.

H/T + Picthx Daily Mail