These NFL and MLB Stadiums Consistently Served Up Expired and Moldy Food to Fans


The NFL's Kansas City Chiefs are poised to make a playoff push this season, but it looks like the folks selling the food at their stadium aren't putting in the same type of effort.

According to ESPN, the Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium, along with their baseball-playing next-door neighbors at Kauffman Stadium, have served fans expired food, stored food at unsafe temperatures, and have even shared the kitchen with cockroaches and mice.

A food service called Aramark provides the food for the two Kansas City stadiums and have caught some heat after employee Jon Costa shared some unsavory photos of the kitchen practices. Costa was the district safety manager for Aramark and with a title like that, you'd think he'd be the guy to fix this kind of thing. He instead took a bunch of pictures and went to ESPN with them.

The photos he provided showed expired dates on pizza dough that was still served, moldy hot dogs and buns, and mice feces near pizza dough. The work areas were just as bad, as photos showed dead cockroaches in vending areas, food not being stored at safe temperatures and trash completely blocking off employee hand sinks.

"I think it says, 'Hey, we can sell any substandard food that we want.' What else are they going to do? How far are they going to go?" -Jon Costa

Mark Bruno, Chief Operating Officer for Aramark, said that immediate action was taken when these health concerns were brought up and even low-key made it seem like Costa is a crazy dude looking for attention.


Either way, the pics are out and these are some of the things that have been found at the Chiefs and Royals stadiums:


Some Pizza Dough With a Dash of Mice Feces



Cockroach Parties in Vending Areas




An Impossible Mission to Try and Wash Your Hands



How Fellow Employees Feel About Food Safety


Keep digging into those stadium hot dogs, player.