The Lime Truck Founders Go Brick and Mortar With TLT

You may know The Lime Truck as The Food Network’s Great American Food Truck Race Season 2’s winner, or from chowing down on some of their tacos during your lunch break, or even from this interview they did with CNN Money but now, you can get to know them in a whole new way.

The Lime Truck has recently gone brick and mortar with their new restaurant, TLT, in Westwood, CA. As co-founder Daniel Shemtob puts it, “Now 2 years and 500+ dishes (off of a truck) later, we came up with our brainchild, TLT!” TLT seeks to bring the same hip, chef-driven flair that is a staple from their truck, while offering affordable and delicious beer and wine to pair with the food. Like The Lime Truck, TLT's menu is eclectic, offering you an assortment of foods that invite you to try different combinations and plates, rather than being tied down to just one dish.


After two years of driving around and serving up great food, they deserve to be driven to. Though fear not, the truck is still running!

Photo Courtesy OC Register