The World's Strongest Beer Weighs in at 67% ABV


Sorry, Armageddon, you've been officially dethroned. Brewmeister, the same ambitious folks who brought you the former title holder, unleashed their latest boozy monster: Snake Venom. The brew boasts a colossal 67% ABV and features smoked peat malt and a curious combination of Champagne yeast and ale yeast.

To put things in perspective, vodka, tequila, and whiskey usually clock in at about 40% ABV -- making Snake Venom an exceptionally caustic brew. As some point out, whether it's "technically beer" is up for debate, as the freeze distillation method used pushes it closer to hard alcohol territory.


As for the actual taste? Let's just hope people don't start asking for chasers with their beer. If that happens, I'm throwing in the towel.

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