The Average American Eats 3.4 Pounds of Candy & More Inglorious Halloween Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]


Tomorrow night, hoards of ravenous trick-or-treaters will descend upon neighborhoods across the nation. A terrifying amount of candy corn will be devoured, the streets will be covered in spilled rainbow Skittles, and a sugar high epidemic will take over the country. Oh, Halloween, how we've missed you so.

However, while the thought of gorging on mini Mars Bars sounds glorious (because it is), we rarely think about how it all tallies up at the end of the night. The infographic below breaks down America's Halloween candy consumption to the nitty gritty -- from filling us in on how much candy we eat individually (3.5 pounds) to how much candy we buy as a nation for this spooky holiday (600 million pounds, or 6 Titanic ships). The numbers are impressive, to say the least, and have only inspired us to outdo ourselves this year (see The Competitive Eater’s Guide to Maximizing Candy Consumption for tips).


We have a feeling our dentist is going to hate us on our next visit.