The 10 Best Hershey's Kisses Flavors Ever Made, Ranked

They say there is nothing sweeter than a kiss from your true love, and I would agree only if your professed “true love” is of the chocolate variety.

One of Hershey’s most iconic sweets, the chocolate Kiss, is a near perfect creation. Whether you choose to indulge in a single one, or enjoy the whole bag in one sitting, you’ll be left feeling satisfied, basking in it’s chocolatey goodness.

Since its inception, the chocolate kiss has taken many forms, but not all are created equal. As Hershey’s began veering from the traditional milk chocolate recipe, the company took a few wrong turns. Though each does have something to offer and, of course, any type of kiss is better than none at all, some are simply better than others.

Here is the definitive ranking of all of the Hershey’s Kisses variations.

10. Pumpkin Spice

Perhaps I’m too jaded by the negative connotation currently associated with anything pumpkin spice to give this kiss a fair judgement. With the rampant fear of being deemed “basic” I can admit, I’m averse to the seasonal fall flavor. Though even when I attempt to rid myself of this bias, I can’t help but be disappointed by how this kiss tastes.

9. Cherry Cordial Creme

I’m confused who the target audience was for this seasonal take on the Hershey’s Kiss. I’ve always found when people accidentally choose the cherry filled chocolate from a gourmet selection to be unhappy with their choice. So why make a bag filled with them? Keep your fruit Hershey's, all we need are the basics.


8. Vanilla Creme Filled

vanilla creme filled kisses

Now here’s a seasonal recipe I can get behind. Made for easter and adorned in pastel colored foil, these kisses are both festive and delicious. They are a bit sweeter than regular kisses, however, thwarting me from consuming endless amounts.

7. Special Dark

This lower ranking of the Special Dark may be controversial to all you dark chocolate lovers, but it falls short when compared to some of the other flavors. Though a classic in it’s own right, the Special Dark offers a rich flavor other kiss types don't. Sporting it’s vibrant purple foil covering, fans of the bittersweet chocolate can spot it right away.

6. Caramel Filled

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The decadent taste of caramel combined with chocolate proves there must have been some divine intervention when pairing the two ingredients. These bite sized wonders explode in your mouth, driving you to seek out more. Though sometimes a bit too sweet, it’s best to try to eat these in moderation.

5. Cookies and Creme

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If you’re obsessed with the Hershey bar that rocks this flavor, then you’re likely mystified by the fact that these bite sized kisses are somehow even better. The heavenly taste of “cookies” paired with the smoothness of white chocolate is almost overwhelming. As one not typically drawn to white chocolate, this flavor exceeded expectations.

4. Almond

It’s difficult to compete with the classics, and the Hershey’s Kiss with almonds is no exception. With very little flash and flair, this Kiss satiates your sweet tooth with an added crunch. Not much more you could ask for unless, of course, you’re allergic to nuts. If so, read on for the top three.

3. Candy Cane Mint


Not only are these seasonal kisses so cute with their red and white coloring, but they also taste amazing. The festive treats have a mild crunch which is ideal when paired with creamy white chocolate. Their flavor is reminiscent of peppermint bark, but the Kisses are undoubtedly the better option as they take minimal to no effort beyond picking them up at the store.

2. Original Milk Chocolate

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It feels problematic to give the flavor that started it all the number two spot, but adhering to my journalistic integrity I must express, what I feel, is the truth. There is something to be said about being the “first” and this original Kiss flavor has passed the test of time with flying colors. The iconic silver wrapping and sweet, pure taste will certainly allow the OG Kiss to outlive us all.

1. Hugs

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And the best Kiss flavor is none other than Hershey’s Hugs! The swirled combo of silky white chocolate with the classic milk has my mouth watering just thinking about it. This flavor is both aesthetically pleasing with its near flawless striped design and tastes as good as it looks. It’s not a huge divergence from the traditional recipe as some of the others are, but still adds that touch of innovation and pizzazz the others lack. All in all, Hugs are the perfect sweet treat.