Taco Bell Petitions To Remove 'Taco Tuesday' Trademark

Photo: Taco Bell


It's Tuesday and my dinner table totally had tacos for dinner. But did you know that "Taco Tuesday" is a phrased trademarked by Taco Bell rival, Taco John's? Apparently Taco John's is in fact the owner and creator of the common phrase, "Taco Tuesday."

The phrase has become so mainstream that even Lebron James has his own spin on it and even failed to trademark it in 2019. Now, Taco Bell wants justice for all to use the phrase.

Taco Bell is asking U.S. regulators to force Wyoming-based Taco John's to cancel the trademark so that it is "freely available to all who make, sell, eat and celebrate tacos," as Taco Bell stated in a petition filed (perhaps intentionally) on a Tuesday with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Basically, Taco Bell just wants the world to be able to use, "Taco Tuesday" without having to ask Taco John's for permission.

According to CNN, it could take up to two years for the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to reach a decision. At this time, Taco John's has 40 days to file a response and the case will move to a discovery period if the two chains don't reach an agreement.

Taco Bell is asking its fans to show support for its efforts by signing a "Freeing Taco Tuesday petition" at

Do you think Taco John's should give up a trademark that they established in 1989? Or do you think Taco Bell is being fair and the 34-year-old trademarked phrase is common enough to be used by anyone?