Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Will Finally Become a Permanent Menu Item This Fall

Photo: Taco Bell

Back in September 2020, Taco Bell announced that their wildly popular Mexican Pizza would be removed as a menu option. Hoping to offer a more efficient restaurant experience, the franchise giant also pulled another dozen items two months prior. 


Fans of Taco Bell are used to these sudden menu changes as they’ve often sparked uproars. While some menu items can surely be removed and not missed, it’s always odd that favorites like the 7-Layer burrito and Mexican Pizza never became permanent fixtures.

Giving in to the pressure, Taco Bell announced the Mexican Pizza’s return in May. Upon its return, the famed menu item sold seven-times as much as before, leading to a shortage and its eventual removal again. The accompanying musical that was originally planned for it never materialized.

Finally, after much noise, celebrity support and a grassroots petition which reached 100k signatures, the beloved Mexican Pizza will return to Taco Bell’s menu for good on September 15th.

Fortune napped some hot-takes from the company’s CEO Mark King, “It’s going to be relaunching mid-September and it’s going to be a permanent item. I had more feedback—hate mail!--over the removal of Mexican Pizza [than any other time].”


King cites the ingredients as the culprit behind its occasional availability. “It was time consuming to make. It also had a number of specific items that were only for the Mexican Pizza.” 

Fortunately, the overwhelming love showed Taco Bell that there’s magic to offering certain individual menu items and they’re now considering relaunching others.

Mark your calendars, the Mexican Pizza will return to your local Taco Bell on September 15th.