Taco Bell Is Gifting Street-Legal Food Carts To Small Businesses

Photo: Taco Bell


Taco Bell has given 'Taco Tuesday' a whole new meaning, for good. It all started with the petition to un-trademark 'Taco Tuesday' from Taco John's, and now the taco chain is hosting Taco Tuesday celebrations with local food vendors in Los Angeles.

So, what does this mean for Taco Bell fans? To be clear, the chain isn’t partnering to sell its tacos with local vendors. Instead, it is partnering with Ave 26 Family Night Market in Downtown Los Angeles to support small businesses with the resources they need to be successful.

Taco Bell is refreshing the Ave 26 Family Night Market in Downtown LA for three Taco Tuesday pop-up events in the Arts District on June 18, July 23, and August 13, 2024. In collaboration with Revolution Carts, Taco Bell is giving 26 new, sidewalk-legal food carts to local street vendors during these events.


Taco Bell is doing this program to help small businesses by providing regulation-compliant equipment, helping vendors secure permits, and offering resources to grow their enterprises.

Some small businesses have already received their carts, including Nelson Hernandez of Tacos de Canasta N&R, Lizbet Salas Perez of Cornkarts, and Andrew Johnson of Black Cornman LA. They all bring unique culinary offerings like chileatole soup and champurrado, aiming to expand their businesses with the new carts.