Taco Bell Is Testing Fritos Chili Burritos On Their Dollar Menu


Taco Bell sure loves throwing chips into its menu items.

The fast food chain is currently testing two new items for their Dollar Cravings Menu in Michigan. The new additions are the Chili Fritos Burrito and the Cheesy Jalapeño Fritos Burrito. As you can conclude from the name, both burritos contain a Fritos-heavy theme.

Taco Bell's two new test items join the Beefy Fritos Burrito on the Dollar Cravings Menu. Because three's the magic number, right?


At $1 each, the burritos have yet to make a national release with the Taco Bell chain. However, if they end up doing well in Michigan, expect to see them in the near future.


Photo: GrubGrade/Sascha